The Rebuild at Insane Custom Rides

By now most of you know that getting my bike customized has proven to be a nightmare. The first shop, Kodiak Motorcycles, told me “one bike at a time.” Needless to say, they didn’t touch my Yamaha as far as customization went. Lexington Custom Cycles had it for six months only to build something that didn’t look like what I wanted, but when my Retrospec Bikes Reviews bike was hit at a car and bike show in July, I knew I was taking it to my friend Brandon’s shop Insane Custom Rides to get what I wanted.

I would have had the bike at his shop originally but at the time they didn’t have anyone working there that could do the body work I was looking for. In the last six months, they have grown to have four full-time employees and are cranking out a custom bike every 1-2 weeks as well as performing car restoration projects. They’ve got their shit together.

I met with Brandon and Jerry to go over what I wanted done on my bike. I showed them the photos that I wanted my bike modeled after and let them know that if they couldn’t do that work to let me know and I’d find something else I liked. They took the job on and less than three weeks later, I had my bike ready to go to the Easyriders Rodeo in Ohio.

The bike isn’t fully complete because the flush-mounted tail lights still haven’t been shipped in yet, but the guys at Insane Custom Rides knew how badly I wanted to go to the bike rally, so they primed my tins in flat black and put it back together just so I could make the rally. Now THAT is service.

The plan was for me to enjoy the rally and bring it back to them so they could do the lights and paint. When I picked my motorcycle up on Thursday and saw the flat black, I fell in love with it. I’ve always loved flat black vehicles, bikes, cars, whatever. The reason I wanted a custom paint job is because everyone is painting their bikes flat black and I wanted to be different. But when I saw how good it looked on all the custom metal fabrication they’d done, I knew that’s the perfect “rat rod” look.

I haven’t taken my bike back to Insane Custom Rides because the lights still haven’t arrived and honestly I’m having a hard time getting off of the motorcycle. But I can tell you this, ICR is the ONLY shop I will let customize my motorcycles and when I’m ready to build a fully custom bike, they will be the shop for that, too.